Dear visitor,

This web used to host information tools Easy Notes, Easy Time and Skinny Clock. It was great experience to produce these tools, but the time has come to support more important project -

Diabetes is a civilization disease that does not hurt, until it is late. Therefore, we developed a specialized portal to help diabetic patients. Using this portal, we research new methods and models, which aim to outperform the current state of the art.

Nevertheless, some legacy software is still available for download at the following links. Just do not expect any update.

  1. Skinny Clock 1.17R2 installer, SHA-1: 4161f1cce3bc2164c05dd373822655ef3751a49b
  2. Skinny Clock 1.17R2 binaries, SHA-1: f9788c4563e75f30b48734454e39775a8d606e69