Easy Notes can be run manually, e.g. by shortcut Start|Programs|Easy Notes|Easy Notes, or with taken of the auto-run function - see Settings.


Command Line Parameters

Parameter Action
allow_multiple If you close Easy Notes with taken of Task Manager or any similar utility without notifying Easy Notes about it, you will be unable to run it for current session in the standard way. To run it anyway, run Easy Notes with allow_multiple parameter.
runchkdta If you would like to force Easy Notes to run data check on startup without using "Settings|Options|Run data check on next start", run Easy Notes with runchkdta parameter. You should not run data check, unless it is necessary.
nodelay To resolve race for resources problem with other auto-run applications, it is possible delay start of Easy Notes. In case, you've set interval that is too long, use nodelay parameter to disable it temporarily.
shutdown In case you need to shutdown already running Easy Notes, use this parameter.
Win_Shutdown Use this parameter to shut down Easy Notes as if this command had came from Windows e.g. by logging off, or shutting down. Exit code is a response to WM_QUERYENDSESSION message.
wait_for_shutdown This parameter acts similarly to shutdown parameter, but it waits until the process terminates, ensuring that all opened handles are closed. Exit code is OK (0) or STILL_ACTIVE (259) in case, that it was not possible to terminate the process in two minutes. This is valid for NT systems. For Windows 9x, it acts exactly the same as the shutdown parameter.
/backup With this parameter, Easy Notes will backup main data file regardless of settings. If there's already a running instance of Easy Notes, the exit code is S_OK (0), or S_FALSE (1) in case of corrupted file, or E_UNEXPECTED (-2147418113) in case of unexpected error. You can combine this parameter with others such as e.g. shutdown. When combined with wait_for_shutdown, the exit code will refer to wait_for_shutdown. The backup copy can be made right on startup, or at the runtime. In latter case, the file is not closed prior making the copy.
compact The Jet engine will try to compact the database. Also, it will check for data file incosistencies and attempt to repair them. The operation will fail, if the file is already open - e.g. Easy Notes already run.
Unrecognized parameter Any unrecognized parameter is interpreted as a file name and subsequently opened in DocPad.
No parameter If Easy Notes already run, you may not run it once again in one session. Doing so will only bring your notes to the front; this can vary with used version of Windows.
Easy Notes 5.13 (Released on January 20th, 2013)
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