Tray Icon

Tray Icon

The tray icon serves as key point to invoke menu that gives access to the control panels, calendar, searching, help and the note windows. As every tray icon, it responds to the mouse clicks - three different clicks in our case.

  1. The single click with the left button
    Reaction on this event is programmable using the Settings. By default, it brings all notes to the front.
  2. Double click
    Reaction is also programmable using the Settings. By default, it shows the note tree.
  3. The single click with the right button invokes a menu from which you can create new note, launch control panel, calendar, and search for notes, invoke help or quit the application.

    Tray Icon's Menu

As it is apparent in its name, the icon resides in the tray bar - a part of the task bar (that one with the Start button).

In Windows 7, the tray icon is not always visible by default. As you run Easy Notes, please, click the arrow that points up and select "Customize". In a newly appeared window, find Easy Notes and select "Show icon and notifications", or any other option that fits your needs. Note, there's no way to affect this programmatically and only the user can do this.

Easy Notes 5.13 (Released on January 20th, 2013)
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