Task Tree & View


The main item of the task tree is the folder. Folder can contain any, one or more tasks, which are always shown at the right upper part of entire window. Selected folder has focus visible in the left part of the window. Folder can contain subfolders in the same way it contains tasks. Task cannot contain a folder. There are three different kinds of folders:

  1. Root Folder
    Root folder is always present and it cannot be deleted under any circumstances. As it is apparent from its name, it cannot be moved into another folder, nor it can be renamed. It can contain subfolders and tasks.
  2. Folder Created by User
    Such folders can be freely created, moved (except moving into view), renamed and deleted.
  3. View
    View is a special read-only folder containing tasks selected on given criteria. Due & Today Tasks is a good example, as it contains tasks to be completed today or having due status or having missed deadline. Tasks' folders are ignored; thus, it is a summary from all presented tasks. Action Task|View Tasks to Finish produces view too. You can see views in the same way as database view. View cannot be renamed, nor moved, nor deleted, nor task can be dragged into. However, you can edit all tasks displayed by the view or to drag them into another folders.
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