Clock Window Settings

This panel lets you to control visibility of the clock window, to select desired skin, to set alpha blending with desktop, and to eventually ignore input for the window.

Clock Window Settings
Figure 7.3.1: Clock Window Settings

Use the "Definition file" combo/text field or the "Browse" button to select desired skin. Available information about the skin is displayed as the selection changes. Finally, press the "Change to" button to apply changes; window is re-created this way. The "Hide" button simply hides the clock window. Window transparency controls the alpha blending with the desktop. Transparent input check box dis/allows reaction onto an input to the window. You have to set it each time you want to ignore the input; if set, all input is redirected to window beneath the clock one.

If you set the clock window not to always stay on the top, you can define a hotkey to bring the window to front.

If you set the clock to ignore input such as mouse and want set its position, follow these steps:

  1. Create the window with unchecked "Transparent window"
  2. Position the window as you need
  3. Check "Transparent window"
  4. Hit "Change to" and that's it

Clicking the clock window with right mouse button invokes a menu.

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