Windows usually show a digital clock in the right part of the taskbar. With Easy Time you can customize this clock via Taskbar options. Note that this option is experimental under Vista and later, because of internal changes in Windows.

To have this option enabled, you must select to override the taskbar clock - see the first check box.

You can select a formatting mask determining, how the time & date will be shown; use "Predefined" button. As there are some predefined masks, there's also a possibility to define own custom mask using formatting strings. The preview is being automatically displayed according to selected mask and font formatting; use "Change font" button.

If you would like to set custom background of the clock, you can do this via bitmap. Easy Time is able to paint a custom bitmap beneath the time text. BMP files and PNG files with alpha channel are supported. Use the key-color combo to set transparent color of BMP file. As Easy Time stretches the bitmap to fit clock text's dimension, it is a good idea to take a screenshot, cut the clock portion a create the background bitmap with portion's width and height.

Finally, use "Apply" button to commit changes.

The Taskbar Options
Figure 7.5.1: The Taskbar Options
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